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On this page you will find more information about my Windows 8/Windows 10 apps.


Test how smart you are and see if you manage to solve the crime. Someone has been murdered in the mansion by one of the people present in the house. Find out who did and and where everyone was during the murder. Over 1.000.000 people have been playing this game.

Windows 8/10: download link

Apple iPad: download link

Android: download link

Because some people have problems when they run the game for the first time we added the solution for the first level here: solution for Brainteases #1

Countdown Numbers

Countdown Numbers is the Windows version of the iOS SEQ game. The game contains over 200 challenging levels and is also available for Windows Phone.
download link

Mahjong Score

Mahjong is nice ancient Chinees game. Counting the score is pretty difficult. The Mahjong score app lets you keep the scores nice and easy.

download link

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. The OS runs on PCs. laptops and tablets.